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BEFORE you hit the keyboard please spend a FEW SECONDS with the following thought:
"If I was unaware of the location of the issue I am going to write about where would I look for it?" ... then proceed to that section and type away.

For stuff that can't be clearly sorted there is the 42 section in Ten forward (google it if you do not know star trek) for general info (anything really) or if it is a technical issue the " General Technical Inquiries and Discussions" under "Technical Support + Diskussions".

If you think you know of a new section we should introduce let me know via PM please.
and yes, stuff you want to know ONE member only - use the PM function. That's why we have it.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Also, in general we would like to keep it really KISS.
  • No insulting,
  • No flame wars,
  • No assertion without a logical reasoning behind it (that may or may not be correct but please, do not just make shit up!)
Let's all be friends here!

and if you have not already done so - please add a profile picture!

Also: Please do not use a fake email for registering here. If you do I get flooded with "non deliverable" messages from our email server - I will delete your account and likely also all posts you may have submitted with it.
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Also: New members read this first please:

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