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I have now driven the Hunter 410 for about 300km and its going very well - with zero other enhancements - no mods at all except the 410cc cylinder.
The additional torque kicks in at around 3500rpm - and it is going up to 110 in no time (much faster than the 350).
This means if one is happy with the original power a 16 teeth sprocket would up the top speed by maybe 10-15kmh.
I have to say I am really positively surprised - I did not expect this effect from only 54 add. cc in displacement. Makes me wonder why RE has not designed it like this from the start. They may be hung up on the 350 number due to the ETERNAL BULLET knowing they would use the same engine for the "reborn classic".

I am preparing 2 more 410cc cylinders that I will sell to forum members with a J engine who want to try it out at a very interesting price point.
Still have to figure out what that would be - but please PM me if interested!
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Dool informed me that I made a slight measurement error. Its a 410cc Hunter (not 400 as previously mentioned - I edited the msgs) :)

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Please continue discussions specific to the 410cc BigBore here.
Took the 410 Hunter down to our "speed test range" and it got to 120 kmh indicated real quick. The top speed is not higher than stock, but you get there quicker. Also: I am 110KG and have the Meteor high handlebar on the Hunter so more wind resistance. I am quite happy with the result considering the Hunter is 100% stock except the added displacement and in the light of the 110kmh the 350 Meteor was able to reach with Hunter ECU and Powertronic.
PPL ask me if the 410cc needs PT V4 or a FuelX Pro+ if they also use other mods, like airbox, exhaust or even a performance cam.
The answer is I don't know.
I have designed the 410 mainly as alternative to a performance cam because I believe that displacement is the more robust tuning vs. just a "hot cam". And this 410 mod alone does not require any ECU changes - based on my own experience. Only 95 RON is needed to avoid knocking.

But if you know how to use a dremel you can enhance the chamber volume very easily. I have done it for the 500cc Meteor where it is mandatory if you cant get your hands on 100RON fuel. For the 410 it would only be added safety in case 95 is not available.
As mentioned I only have experience with the head mod on the 500 and I expected some power loss - and physically there must be some, but it is too small for me to feel it when I drive. I assume the same holds true for the 410 with a bigger chamber volume.